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2nd Annual Family Fun Run

The morning of July 11th was a peaceful one with a light easy breeze and a temperature that wasn’t overly hot.  18 members of my family got up early to participate in our 2nd Annual Family Fun Run.  16 runners and Jamie and myself as time keeper and picture takers.  There were 18 more that wanted to come, but they were home in bed nursing hang overs.  That log contest claims victims every year.

It was a beautiful day for a run or walk.  Some of the participants rode. Cecilia and Sasha enjoyed the wagon, AJ zipped along in the stroller and I heard Brodie had a great view from Grandpa Jim’s shoulders.

Before the run got started Sasha and Brodie had a great time running around.  These two little cousins don’t get to see each other but once a year.  The way they played and shared crackers, you would think they see and play with each other every day.

Our little Cecilia is just learning how to walk, she stood near the wagon and watched Sasha and Brodie play.


The first of the runners took off and in this picture they are out of sight.  The walkers have a shorter course and start out after the runners.  You can see Andy and AJ are starting to get going.  Andy eventually got AJ into the stroller and came in fourth place.

24 minutes and 42 seconds later we have are first runner crossing the finish line.

Jake is our  2nd Annual Family Fun Run winner.  He didn’t beat his time from last year, but he’s one of the few that has competed both years.

Trevor gave him a run for his money keeping up with him almost the whole way.  Trevor did win the award for puking the most times out on the course.  Trevor crushed his last year time of 29:06 with a new time of 25:19.  Nice job Trevor!

Here is Mike coming in third with a time of 27:11. I’ve got to remember to wait until they get a little closer to the finish line before I start snapping pictures.

Andy and AJ tied for fourth with a time of 27:42.  Looks like AJ finished a little ahead of Andy.  But then Andy reminded me, he started out a little ahead of him.  Boy are they competitive.

April is finishing strong here in 5th place.  April and Andy are both in training for the Chicago Marathon. April had a time of 30:16.  Her time last year was a little better – 28:12.  It was probably the log contest that had something to do with her slower time.

Here’s Ben with a time of 32:34.  Yep, I definitely have to wait until these runners get closer to snap the picture. Ben’s time last year was 29:58.

Beth came in right behind Ben with a time of 32:52.  I had to go back the the first picture to see who was wearing green.  She did a nice job of beating her last year time of 35:37.

And here is Erin with a time of 37:41.  Her time last year was 34:51.  Erin, were you at that log contest??

Our first walkers/riders, Sasha, Cecilia, Holly and Sarah, crossed over the finish line at 41.07.

Adam came in just after them with a time of  44:20.  I hear he invented a game to keep Brodie interested in moving forward.

Aunt April went back out to run the last bit of the race with nephew Brodie.  Brodie finished the race one second before Grandpa Jim at 45:08.

This was a fun event at a great park.  All the participants came back with cute stories and tales of what went on during the race.  Next year there is talk of trying to get someone out on the course on a bike with a movie camera to document some the the racers.  If texting and driving is a no-no then I think taking movies while on a bike might be a little dangerous too.  We’ll have to put our thinking cap on for that one.


7 Responses

  1. This iss great!

  2. Nice post Rita and great pictures. Comming in Dead Last I didn’t get to see any of this live. Jake could have taken a nap between our times, but next year I’ll be a lot closer.

  3. Great pics, especially the one of Sasha and Brodie. Your description of the temperature was inaccurate. It was hot as hell out there!

    This was my first run with Sasha, who ran with me for the first half mile. I loved it!

  4. Nice recap Rita. I didn’t have a hangover but leaving the bonfire at 11pm and being back for a 9am run start wasn’t happening. Saturday is such an exhausting day that if I intend to do the Fun Run I will have to stay down in Antioch and leave the fire a little earlier. These old bones are to weary for that pace. I enjoyed the pictures.

  5. Great recap Aunt Rita! We definitely need to get some on course video next year. That’s a great idea!

  6. I just realized I set two records, I had the lowest number and the longest time.

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