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Log Contest 2010

This is the BLOG about my LOG…..

Above you will see a couple pieces of wood adorned with paper.  Adorned is is fancy word and there really isn’t anything fancy about this evening called the “Log Contest”.  If you are wondering how it all got started, check this out: https://nanarita.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/getting-the-family-picnic-started/

This is my entry into the contest.  It has a copy of my front page and a keyboard.  This is pretty much what I see when I’m blogging.  Simple enough, and a fun addition to all the creative logs entered into the contest this year.  I will take you through the all the entries and explain a little (whatever I can remember) about logs and the people who presented them.

Here we go:

First of all, we start off at John and Kristi’s house.


This needed to be said right off the bat.

(what does – right off the bat – mean anyway??)

It was so generous of them to let us all invade their back yard, park all over the neighborhood, all the while – not being the quietest bunch on the block.  Thanks again you guys for all your hospitality.

Now some of us arrive early to get a good spot.  This year’s favorite spot was anywhere Aunt Sarah and Mary Kate were sitting.

Below we have four siblings and a cousin.

This little girl is Brenna. She has a log every year.

And is she cute or what???

We had a real treat this year.  These are two of my cousins, Tom and Celestine – they are brother and sister.  We haven’t seen Tom in….. well, we couldn’t remember when was last time we saw him.  We were delighted to see him come to the Family Picnic Weekend this year.  Tom lives in Tennessee, and we are hoping he will come up next year too.  So sweet of Celestine to twist his are to get him up here.

These little girls got a good spot.  They are my darling great nieces, Phelan and Brenna.

And here we have their Nana and Aunt Christa.

As I went around snapping pictures, I took one of my niece Kelly.  I had no idea at the time, Trevor would be wanting to say Hello!

Let’s get this party started!

We go in an order of youngest to oldest in case the little ones have to go to bed.

First up we have Sasha presenting her log with the help of her mom, Jeanne.  Sasha had a log with her favorite character, Dora the Explorer.

Next we have Brenna and Phelan presenting the “Log Vader”  This log belonged to their younger brother, Brenden.  Brenden got sick after the picnic and had to go home.  So, he sent this log to the contest with instructions for his sisters on how the presentation should go.  They did a nice job.

And Aunt Sheila was right behind them cheering them on.

Something that really got everyone’s attention is how it erupted into flames when it was tossed into the fire.  It was given lots of points for burnability and crowd reaction.

This is Julia’s log.  It was a Disney Log with lots of attention to detail.  I think there might have been some magic with this one too.  It was super cute, almost as cute as Julia herself.

This is Griffen.  It was his birthday.

Griffen had a helicopter log with a spinning blade and everything.

So cool.

Brenna did a great job on her “The Last Log Bender” log.

I loved the bright colors she used.

I asked Phelan to pose with her log.  She’s a natural.

This is Phelan’s Loggy GaGa log.

Not sure what Aunt Sheila is doing in the background.  She’s probable giving the judge a few pointers.

I’m sure there were lots of points for burnability.  Look at that log go.

Next Grant showed us his “Don’t drink and drive log.”  It was an empty beer box on wheels.  He did a great job of telling a story of an accident he saw.  He wanted us all to remember to drink responsibility.

Really good advice at a party like this.  Thanks Holly for being our DD.

These are four of my nieces and nephews.  They are the “A Team.”  April, Adam, Alec and Anna are siblings and I’m crazy about all of them.

This cute couple got married last September.  They are not however the most recent married couple in the family.  Two more couples have tied the knot since then.

This kid knows more  facts and figures about sports than anyone I can think of.  His log was about some player going to the Miami Heat’s team.  Everyone, except me knew who he was talking about.

When his log was thrown into the fire, it was kind of creepy.  The faces didn’t burn for the longest time.

I guess they could take the heat.  Har-har!

My sister was very helpful to the Judge.  She had much to say and the judge was awarding her points all night long.

She didn’t have a log to enter, but almost won the contest!

Our Princess Pink is one of the returning champions of last year.  Her log this year was “The Emperor’s  New Clothes” log.

He even had a butt crack in back!

Mrs. Supalo is up next.  The girl with the great fashion sense is about to show off some burnable accessories.  She needed models from the audience.  These two shy models helped her out.

So cute!

… and lots of burnability points!!

Get ’em while they’re hot!

Next we have Jeanne with her “Loggy GaGa Log” complete with fake eyelashes.

Her Loggy GaGa was dressed in a different style than the other Loggy GaGa.  I think everyone could do Loggy GaGa and we would not have any repeat outfits!

These guys thought it was cool!

Next year, I want to see a log from you guys!

My son likes to tell a story.

(where does he get that from?)

His green log was a “Chinese Loggin”

He told a story of how the Chinese Loggins came to be and what happened to them.

This one was thrown in the fire like all the rest of the logs.  Great sparks with this entry.

By this time of night, things are starting to settle down.

Way past her bedtime and she’s still having a fun.

Two more girlies passed their bedtime.

This was my log presentaion.  Sasha started me off by saying there was a picture of her on my log.

I threw it into the fire and was given lots of points, because I’m the judge’s mom.

But I didn’t win.

The winner of this year’s Log Contest was the “Lord Vader Log”  sent in by Brenden.

Congratulations Brenden!

You get to keep the trophy until next year.

And speaking of next year, I’ve got to get cracking on the next great log idea.

I’m going to win one of these years.


2 Responses

  1. These are great pictures. You have really captured the evening. The trophy looks great in his room. He keeps coming up with ideas about how to add his bit to the trophy. It will be interesting to see what he chooses to do.

  2. Nice post on the log contest and thanks for putting up the email notification widget.

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