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Video Chat

Last night I sat across from my granddaughter while she ate her dinner and babbled on about her day.  She was 860 miles away from me and I was able to enjoy every minute.  With video chat, miles disappear.  While sitting at my computer in New Jersey, I was actually there in Illinois, in front of her high chair, watching the show.

I saw every bit of dropped food gobbled up by her dog, Bella.  Or, as she calls her dog, Booie.  Booie always stays close when Cecilia is having a meal.  Smart dog.

Cecilia smeared some blueberries in her hair.  When I mimicked the action, she laughed and did it again.   Good thing every night is bath night.  Every once and a while she would wave to me.  I’d wave back and she thought it was so funny, so we’d do it again.

Then she blew me a kiss.  Oh my gosh, I thought my heart would break.

Holly told me they walked to the park earlier that day.  I saw her take a few wobbly steps on her first birthday, but didn’t know she was walking all over the place.  So after she was done with her dinner, Holly stood her on the floor on the opposite side of the kitchen.  She kept looking at her mom not knowing what to do.  Holly says, “Walk for Nana.”  And then she walked her little baby walk right towards me.

Yep, by now I was crying.  I miss so much being so far away.  With video chat, I’ll be there a little more often.


5 Responses

  1. I tried to sign up. I guess it didn’t work. I just wanted to tell you that the picture at the head of your web page is simply stunning. C.

  2. Whenever you want to chat, just let us know!

  3. I am glad you get to see Cecilia Kay, even if it through the computer.

  4. How wonderful! Not only that you get to see her but she sees her Nana Rita as well.

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