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Survivor Nicaragua week 4

This was an email I sent to my fellow Survivor watchers.

What the heck?  I thought the older tribe was getting it together with the practice blindfolding.  They turned out to be so bad.  Jimmy T said he couldn’t hear with everyone else yelling.  But that didn’t keep him still.  He was moving around picking up nothing and getting in the way.  To be fair, Tyrone might not have been the best caller.  I don’t know who would have been, but it was clear the younger tribe had a much better caller.

I’m glad Jimmy T is gone.  (Sorry Jukie and Erin— my friend Jukie and niece Erin had Jimmy T in our pool) I think he was a better asset to the tribe than Danny, but I will not miss his constant talking.
From the looks of the preview for next week, it appears there is a change coming.  If it’s a merge, those who have voted out players are available to buy back in.  It might not be a merge.  I remember a season when all the players were brought together for meal and they assumed a merge was happening.  That turned out to be a wrong assumption.
This is more likely a change up of the teams.  Two new teams will be formed out of the young and old.

So far I’m not a huge fan of this season.  The last two seasons were fun filled with surprising twists and turns.  We saw good players, conniving players, and interesting strategy. This season is flat.  Well, maybe not totally flat. NaOnka continues to show us she is a bully and will go down in “Survivor History” as the most disgusting player of all time.  Marty’s hair is trying to be like Jimmy J’s hair.  And I”m wondering about my girl Jill.  She’s seems like a strong player but she does everything Marty says.  Time will tell.

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