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What makes something precious?

As I begin the huge task of taking down decorations and getting the house back to its regular self, I keep looking at stuff and saying to myself, “This is just precious.”

What makes something precious?  It doesn’t start out to be precious … I’m finding out, it has to become precious.

I have added Christmas ornaments to my tree every year since Mark and I first put up a tree in the Little House on the River.  I started adding because I didn’t have many.  Then as I got a few more, I got picky about where my favorites would go on the tree.  Then the children came along and we bought ornaments for them to put on the tree.  Our decorations grew every year as our family grew.  Then they went to school and brought home decorations they made with their own two little hands!

Lord help me, we are talking about big time precious here.  I just put away a wreath.  It is made from a white paper plate with macaroni glued all over it and spray painted gold.  The green yarn hanger is getting a little thin so I made sure to wrap it in tissue paper.  It has my son’s name printed on the back.  That’s not all, I have lots of these types of precious treasures.

I found out something when these little children grew up and put up their own Christmas  trees.  This stuff is not precious to them.  Go figure!  I tried to give them their creations, their ornaments, their precious stuff that I have enjoyed all these years.  They don’t want it!

I realized, what is precious to me is not precious to them.  And that’s okay.  They are all on a journey of their own now — to discover their own kind of precious.

I like my trip down memory lane as I put away my decorations.  I can still see the excited little faces, and notes that said “Don’t Open Until Christmas”.  These little treasures received so long ago, are making me smile today.

And I realize, it’s not really the things that are precious, it’s the precious little ones that made them for me.  These treasures are just markers of a time when my children were young and life was a happy struggle.  Just like a photograph, these treasures show me the precious time when my children were little.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all see the truly “precious” things in life.


12 Responses

  1. That was a nice story. It made my coffee taste that much better this morning.

  2. I love you Mama! 🙂

  3. Have you asked Jake if he wanted ornaments? Our tree is full of my “precious” ornaments, with plenty of room for his!

  4. OMG you sound like my mom she still has things I made!! And no I don’t want them back for my tree. You are right mother’s do find the things we made precious. My mom gave me a gift I thought was precious – she wrote out in a beautiful cookbook all our favorite recipes that she made us over the years – now that is PRECIOUS 🙂

  5. I would love any of the ornaments I made. But I want you to keep them as long as they are making you smile.

  6. A very smooth comment Jake. : ) I think the picture of that golden decorated plate looks wonderful on your tree Rita. It should stay for a while. It was a great walk down memory lane.

  7. Thanks Peg. I hope your holidays are wonderful. Looks like I’ll be seeing you very soon.

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