In looking through the mail the other day I was thrilled to see a package, post marked from Orlando FL.  My girl lives in Orlando, and she sent me a mixed tape  CD she’d made.  I love it!  Yesterday I played a few songs of it while driving around and heard some of my favorites, Gene Kelly – “Singing in the Rain,” Andy Grammer, Adele, Bing Crosby, and even “Lovely Rita Meter Maid” by the Beatles.  What a great tape CD this is!

As I was driving home today I turned on the radio once more to see what other songs she had on the tape for me.

When I heard the first note on the guitar, I knew it was the home recording I helped put together 22 years ago, when my girl was 3.  She was singing with her daddy.  Good thing I was in the driveway by this time, it’s hard to drive when your eyes are filling up.


Thanks Sarah.  I have 5 more spots in my new fangled 6CD changer.  hint hint

Playing guitar and singing together.