In looking through the mail the other day I was thrilled to see a package, post marked from Orlando FL.  My girl lives in Orlando, and she sent me a mixed tape  CD she’d made.  I love it!  Yesterday I played a few songs of it while driving around and heard some of my favorites, Gene Kelly – “Singing in the Rain,” Andy Grammer, Adele, Bing Crosby, and even “Lovely Rita Meter Maid” by the Beatles.  What a great tape CD this is!

As I was driving home today I turned on the radio once more to see what other songs she had on the tape for me.

When I heard the first note on the guitar, I knew it was the home recording I helped put together 22 years ago, when my girl was 3.  She was singing with her daddy.  Good thing I was in the driveway by this time, it’s hard to drive when your eyes are filling up.


Thanks Sarah.  I have 5 more spots in my new fangled 6CD changer.  hint hint

Playing guitar and singing together.


What makes something precious?

As I begin the huge task of taking down decorations and getting the house back to its regular self, I keep looking at stuff and saying to myself, “This is just precious.”

What makes something precious?  It doesn’t start out to be precious … I’m finding out, it has to become precious.

I have added Christmas ornaments to my tree every year since Mark and I first put up a tree in the Little House on the River.  I started adding because I didn’t have many.  Then as I got a few more, I got picky about where my favorites would go on the tree.  Then the children came along and we bought ornaments for them to put on the tree.  Our decorations grew every year as our family grew.  Then they went to school and brought home decorations they made with their own two little hands!

Lord help me, we are talking about big time precious here.  I just put away a wreath.  It is made from a white paper plate with macaroni glued all over it and spray painted gold.  The green yarn hanger is getting a little thin so I made sure to wrap it in tissue paper.  It has my son’s name printed on the back.  That’s not all, I have lots of these types of precious treasures.

I found out something when these little children grew up and put up their own Christmas  trees.  This stuff is not precious to them.  Go figure!  I tried to give them their creations, their ornaments, their precious stuff that I have enjoyed all these years.  They don’t want it!

I realized, what is precious to me is not precious to them.  And that’s okay.  They are all on a journey of their own now — to discover their own kind of precious.

I like my trip down memory lane as I put away my decorations.  I can still see the excited little faces, and notes that said “Don’t Open Until Christmas”.  These little treasures received so long ago, are making me smile today.

And I realize, it’s not really the things that are precious, it’s the precious little ones that made them for me.  These treasures are just markers of a time when my children were young and life was a happy struggle.  Just like a photograph, these treasures show me the precious time when my children were little.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all see the truly “precious” things in life.

Kids say the darndest things…

This past weekend I played with my grandchildren and took care of them while their parents had a little get-away-time.

Saturday night was BATH NIGHT.  All kids I know, love to take a tubby.  I made sure I had all the tub toys ready.  While I was running the bath, Sasha hopped up on my bathroom scale.  It’s one of those electronic things that needs to be tapped first then stepped on.  She looked so cute staring down at the scale.  I asked her what she was doing.

She looked up at me with an serious face and replied,  “I’m measuring my feet.”

When she hopped down and came over to the tub, I asked how big they were.  She told me they were, 8 units tall.

I did a lot of smiling and laughing that weekend.


We have an African Grey parrot named Max.  Max lives in the kitchen.

He is quite the talker when he wants to be.  He has been talking so much more since our little Cecilia has been visiting and paying attention to him.  Most of his talking is babble.   Sometimes he screams her little baby scream.  It’s pretty funny.  I was doing my crossword this morning.  I hear him in the kitchen saying “Good Morning” over and over again.  I hear him do the Cecilia scream and then I hear him say, “Hello Mark.”

Mark was my husband.  He’s been in heaven now for 4 and half years.  Max was his bird and sounded just like Mark when he talked.  Because he doesn’t hear Mark’s voice anymore, he doesn’t talk like him very much.  But when he does, it makes me smile.


Awesome, awesome, awesome Thanksgiving dinner.  Somehow my turkey was done 2 hours ahead of time!  How does that happen??  Well, since I did lots of prep work the night before, we all went into high gear and got the sides ready in short order. Jake set the table and folded turkey napkins…

Then he went outside and deep fried a turkey while we were getting everything else put together for dinner.

Yeah, I didn’t take any more pictures because of the fact that I was creating the most fantastic meal on earth.  If you were here, you’d know what I was talking about.  Everything was great.  I must confess there were a few slip ups.  Yes, even when we’ve had our best holidays, there is bound to be slip ups.  I forgot to make bread pudding.  I made 5 pies, but forgot to make the bread pudding. DOH!  We didn’t make the Waldorf Salad either.  It’s okay on that one.  No one missed it.  Also, I forgot to put out the applesauce.  Not just any applesauce, it was homemade applesauce.  My homemade applesauce.  It is so amazing.  Even now, I’m closing my eyes thinking about how delicious this applesauce would have been on the table.  Well now that I think about this …… it is still delicious and I’ll have it with left overs.  Problem solved.

I am thankful that I have the time and the ability to cook a dinner, any dinner.  I am thankful that my family wants to gather to enjoy this meal and be thankful with me.  I am thankful for my amazing children and grandchildren.  I am thankful for my amazing husband who looked down from heaven on our gathering.  I miss him every day.

Member Chef Night at Little Mill…

I volunteered to a Member Chef Night at our golf club.  I have to make something and serve it to  my fellow members.  What was I thinking????  My hands are getting sweaty already.

I kept thinking, what shall I make?  I really don’t make anything I don’t like to eat myself.  My kids are a measure for me when it comes to my cooking.  They like some of my stuff but not all.  What they really like is just about any soup I make.  I do like to make soup.  Hmmmm…… which soup shall I make.

Feel free to weigh in on this!

:::knock knock:::  is this thing on??

Anyone out there that’s had my soup, or likes soup, tell me your favorite.  I have to make soup for 100 people.

Community Supported Agriculture

I joined a farm.  No, I didn’t move or run away from home.  This organic farm is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in New Jersey.  It gives me a challenge every Saturday when I bring home a box of freshly picked produce.  I try to figure out new things to make with this array of vegetables.  Any suggestions??