You found it.  Here are the puzzle answers.

08.01.10  win with ease

07.29.10  putting the past behind you

07.06.10  life after death

07.02.10  pain in the neck

07.01.10  Tennis Shoes

06.30.10  one step forward and two steps back

06.29.10  misunderstanding between friends

06.28.10  over and over again

06.25.10   day after tomorrow

06.24.10  play on words

06.23.10  no excuse for it

06.22.10  Great Minds Think Alike

06.21.10  rearrangement

06.19.10  salad, because all other can go with the word ‘cake’

06.17.10  partly cloudy

06.16.10  despair

06.15.10  JayLo  (Jennifer Lopez)

06.14.10  sky line

06.13.10  looking up to you

5.29.10 two way radio

5.27.10  bend over backwards


2 Responses

  1. I got this one but I still haven’t gotten the next one.

  2. Never did get 2 way radio

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